The Extra Mile: Car Sales Staff Undergoes Transformation

5:57 AM, Sep 21, 2012   |    comments
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(WUSA) -- A recent article in Experience Life suggests that 50 percent of Americans are suffering from a hidden epidemic.  The author calls it 'Diabesity' - Diabetes and Obesity, but the good news is there is a solution.

The staff at one glamorous local car dealership is feeling even finer than the automobiles.There's been amazing transformation with the staff involved. They simply changed their mindset about how they view food. 

Find out what they did in the video.

Andrea, Jessica and I all have diabetes in our families and like last year, we will be emceeing the Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes. 

Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes will be held on Saturday, October 20th at National Harbor. Team 'Daddy's Girl' will be there. 

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