Newt And Callista Gingrich Talk About Politics, New Books

12:31 PM, Nov 9, 2012   |    comments
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Newt Gingrich (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (WUSA) --  One of the most well known names in Republican politics joined us on Friday afternoon.

Recent presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and his wife Callista both have new books out. We discussed that but first we talked about the future of the Republican party.

See what Speaker Gingrich had to say about the Contract with America, negotiations between parties, the fiscal cliff and more in the video clip above.

Callista Gingrich wrote a children's book called Land of the Pilgrims' Pride. It's the second in her New York Times bestselling series. She talked to us about why she decided to reach out to little ones and about this particular book.

Speaker Gingrich gets inside the mind of George Washington and his troops with his novel "Victory at Yorktown." He co-wrote it with William R. Forstchen as part of their trilogy on Washington. We asked him about the process of determining what was going through George Washington's mind during this march and what lessons we could learn from the book and apply to modern day politics.

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