Protest coalition demanding that evicted blind man be returned home

5:19 PM, Oct 29, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- A coalition of people gathered Tuesday across the street from a motel in Prince George's County  to demand that a blind man, his wife and seeing eye dog be allowed to return to a home they were evicted from after more than 40 years.

A group called 'People for Change' and the 'National Foundation for the Blind' were there along with several elected State officials.

They asked, "Where was the compassion?" and "Where was the County government when the family was evicted for what the family says was just over $600 in late fees and penalties incurred when they were late paying their monthly rent."

Ray Raysor says he was shocked when Sheriff's deputies arrived last Tuesday to evict him, his wife Rene and dog Rayteeko.

An attorney for the Valley Green co-op in Landover Maryland told WUSA9  last week to allow the Raysors to stay, "Would not have been fair to the other tenants."

Pat Fletcher, a longtime resident leader disagreed and said, "We would have collected the $600 for him".

Today the co-op attorney Bernie Cook said he was not authorized to speak on the campaign to return the Raysors to their home. 

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