Justin Bieber's Wild Night Out: Urinating In Mop Bucket

1:08 PM, Jul 10, 2013   |    comments
Justin Bieber performs at HP Pavilion on June 26 in San Jose, Calif. (Photo: C Flanigan, FilmMagic)
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(USA Today) -- Justin Bieber's reign of teenage terror continues, this time with the oh-so-classy move of reliving himself in a mop bucket inside a nightclub kitchen.

TMZ released video of what appears to be Bieber, 19, urinating into a mop bucket while his friends film and narrate the incident. Off-camera, a young male voice notes that it's a moment they should all remember because it's so much cooler than using a restroom.

Bieber, in a pair of his signature drop-crotch harem pants, wears a pair of blue headphones as he urinates. When he's done, the Bieber crew, who called themselves "Wild Kidz," head out, but not before Bieber brandishes a bottle of blue liquid, sprays a photo of Bill Clinton and spews an expletive at the former president.

According to TMZ, the mop bucket-episode took place in NYC earlier this year. What a civilized evening!

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