Hollywood Reacts To Paul Ryan VP Pick

3:24 PM, Aug 11, 2012   |    comments
  • Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (Getty Images)
  • Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (Getty Images)
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(USA TODAY) -- It didn't take long for Hollywood to react to today's news of Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan. Given Hollywood's liberal bend, it's not surprising that the reaction was largely negative (save for conservative news magnate Rupert Murdoch).

Here's a sampling of what the stars had to say via Twitter:

Eva Longoria: "Romney's VP pick voted against equal pay for women and repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. We can't go backward."

Olivia Wilde: "Two R's won't make it right. Romney/Ryan are Wrong for America."

Jared Leto: "Today Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan, who wants to cut Pell Grant scholarships for nearly 10 million students!"

Michael Ian Black: "Romney/Ryan = same initials as Ronald Reagan. THINK ABOUT IT!!!"

Andy Richter: "I think saying "worst recovery in 70 years" is kinda cute. Doesn't at all beg the phrase "worst recession in 70 years."

Kal Penn: "This is awful. I was hoping it would be Jindal so I could play him in a HBO movie"

Michael Moore: "Channeling Bush, war supporters/military dodgers Romney and Ryan insult those who served by using battleship as their prop."

Rupert Murdoch: "Thank God! Now we might have a real election on the great issues of the day. Paul Ryan almost perfect choice."

Russell Simmons: "MItt Romney and Paul Ryan, two men who will destroy our people..."

Story by USA Today Reporter: Andrea Mandell

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