Bargain Shopping Right Before Christmas

4:32 PM, Dec 24, 2009   |    comments
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Personal Shopper Ketura Persellin (right) speaks with a holiday shopper.
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  • WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) ---- The National Retail Federation released a survey saying adults 45 to 54 have done the least holiday shopping so far.

    Men like Tyron Brown of Washington DC, scramble to buy gifts for their loved ones.

    "My wife is on my list, my kids! I've got a lot to do," says Brown as he clutches a small gift for his co-worker at The Shops at Wisconsin Place.

    Personal Shopper Ketura Persellin gives the men some tips.

    1. You can find good bargains.

    "You do not need to spend a fortune to give your loved one, something they will really love."

    She mentions bargain stores like Loehman's, TJ Maxx, Filene's Basement as good places to find gifts. However, she stresses that the shopper needs to prepare a list of ideas first.

    "You need to carefully make a list of what you're looking for before you go in so you don't get distracted."

    Being distracted with additional items may easily lead to overspending at those stores, she says.  

    2. A good gift motto is: Give the Unexpected.

    Persellin says to think about "something special that she is not likely to get herself." She offers an example for a mom: a slightly trendier, bold necklace.

    3. The effort is worth more than gold.  

    Persellin says the presentation of the gift can show how much you care.

    "Go find some nice boxes and some wrapping paper and really do it right. That's going to make the gift recipient feel that they're really being taken care of."

    4. Look carefully at the value of clothing as a gift.

    "Look at what things are made out of, so you're not paying for something that's really not worth it."

    5. Online sales are good for bargain hunting but there is a drawback: You may not always know the exact size or color of the product.

    Her solution: Look at sites that offer virtual dolls  Persellin says: Sites like J. Crew offer models so that you can see how "a handbag would look on that sized body."


    Reported by: Elizabeth Jia
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