Shopper Alert: Music Download Bargains

1:47 PM, Dec 8, 2009   |    comments
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Buffalo, New York (WGRZ)--We've received many emails asking for the best websites where MP3's can be downloaded legally. Unless you grab a subscription to something like Rhapsody, there's no 'one site suits all rule' on this, in my opinion.

Let's start with listening to music:  you might want to check out Pandora.  This website creates personalized radio stations based on your preferences. Continuous-commerical free music, you give a thumbs up or thumbs down and it keeps going from there CLICK HERE. This is for streaming, not downloading.

Now for downloading:  this month is offering HUNDREDS of MP3's at $5 versus iTunes $9.99 pricing on many of these complilations.  Click here and here for more information.

You can download a lot of FREE CONTENT LEGALLY from Universal Music. Click here (you'll be required to enter your email address. 

VolumeVote also has some indie freebies. There are free downloads available here as part of a promotion this week. You have to watch a commercial first. 

And there's a great free way to download old radio shows in their entirety. This is amazing if you're a radio fan and want to fill up a portable listening device with content. It's wonderful on long trips or flights. Completely legal and free while donations are welcomed. Click here.

And just an FYI: we're in to finding deals,  not recommending music. Some of the albums or MP3's may include vulgar language or offensive messages. Please check up on anything you download especially if you have young kids at home. We have not pre-screened any of the music on any of these websites.


Matt Granite

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