The Website No Company Wants You To See

12:19 PM, Dec 1, 2009   |    comments
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BUFFALO, New York (WGRZ)--Here's a way to bypass those annoying automated computer answer systems you get when you call virtually any company. Press 1 for this, two for this, speak your answer etc.

FONOLO has a directory of many companies out there. Search the company, it calls the company for you, bypasses their auto-answer service and then calls you back on your phone when it's closing to getting a human being on the line. The website is FREE and the concept is amazing.

CLICK HERE and give it a try. In my tests, sometimes the site performed flawlessly, other times it was spotty in how it navigated a company's phone menu... but I think it's worth a shot.

If the website doesn't float your boat, or you don't have the results you'd like, GetHuman just underwent a major upgrade and it's a fantastic resource. It has ways to bypass almost any computer system out there. Its database is far more extensive than FONOLO's and one you'll want to bookmark.




Written By: Matt Granite
WGRZ Television

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