What's trending in summer tech gadgets

5:33 PM, Jul 26, 2013   |    comments
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  • (Samsung/PC World)

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Pool time and beach sand can be rough on your smartphone. 

Now you're thinking of buying a new one, even handing down that tablet to the kids to upgrade that device, too.

Whatever the reasons for your summer tech enhancements, Consumer Reports identified some gadget trends that might help.

Smartphone and tablet screens are getting sharper and wider with  more pixels in each display, so text, images and video look even better.

Tablets stole much of the E-readers thunder and sales have plummeted.'

But, back-to-campus shoppers who plan to rely on e-textbooks may find them a better deal than a tablet.

"They're still a very compelling device, particularly for ardent book readers.  They have alot going for them.  They've become very inexpensive.  They're still the best screen on which to read books," says Paul Reynolds.

And, Consumer Reports finds battery life getting longer with each new generation of smartphone and tablet from manufacturers like Apple and Samsung.

Experts say even if it has been a year or two since you've replaced your tablet or smartphone, battery life alone, particularly on the smartphone, might be a good reason to upgrade.

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