AAA: Gas Hits $4 A Gallon As Prices Rise For 35th Day Straight

1:59 PM, Feb 21, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- AAA Mid-Atlantic reports that that the average price for gas is now $4 a gallon in D.C., the fifth time in history gas prices have hit or crossed that price. The auto club also says it's the earliest part of the year in its record-keeping history that the price has hit $4.

In a press release on Thursday, AAA Mid-Atlantic officials say that the District is "one of the most expensive places in the continental United States to purchase gasoline."

Here's a comparison of self-serve regular gas prices released by AAA Mid-Atlantic on Thursday:

Location Price Feb. 21 Price Yesterday Price A Month Ago Price A Year Ago
Washington D.C. $4.00 3.96 3.58 3.77
Metro Area $3.84 3.82 3.41 3.66
Maryland $3.79 3.78 3.38 3.63
Suburban Maryland $3.85 3.84 3.41 3.66
Virginia $3.69 3.68 3.26 3.55
West Virginia  $3.87 3.86 3.44 3.64
National $3.78 3.77 3.31 3.58

According to spokesperson John Townsend, the cost of gasoline rose past $4 a gallon on March 13, 2012 in D.C. after the price of gas went up more than 50 cents a gallon in January and February of last year. He says two years ago D.C. drivers paid an all-time high of $4.21 a gallon. Before that, in July 2008, the highest average price was $4.19.

If you're wondering about diesel prices, Townsend says a gallon of diesel is an average of $4.24 a gallon in D.C. today. On July 15, 2008, the price of diesel reached a high of $4.97 a gallon in the city, according to Townsend.

AAA reports in its press release that the increase in prices is due to many factors including "sky-high crude oil prices in the neighborhood of $95 a barrel for WTI and $115 a barrel for ICE Brent crude; disruptive shortages; and a rash of planned and unplanned refinery work on the west and east coasts."

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