Tech Companies Show Off Latest Gadgets At CES

6:15 PM, Jan 8, 2013   |    comments
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LAS VEGAS, Nv., (WUSA) -- It's that time of year when tech companies show off their slickest, edgiest and most innovative devices at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The CES is underway in Las Vegas and that's where we caught up with Consumer Reports Electronics Editor Paul Reynolds.

He has been able to scope out the some of the latest products and gadgets that could hit store shelves soon.

Among the the Huawei Ascend Mate 6" Smartphone.  It's billed as the largest smartphone and runs on the Android operating system.

Lenovo IdeaCenter Horizon Table PC, $1,699, a 27' multitouch, all-in-one portable computer with Windows 8.

Lexus showed off a self-driving car.

Samsung's S( UHD TV represents the largest screen in home entertainment viewing with brilliant picture quality in ultra HD-resolution.  The S9 comes complete with features to ensure the best picture quality possible regardless of video source.

And, the Fisher-Price Create and Learn Case, $39.99, is a sturdy, protective, interactive case for the iPad and iPod that works with free downloadable apps and more. 

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