Did AT&T Lie About 4G Service?

7:59 AM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- It looks like AT&T may have been caught telling a fib. The company has announced a plan to cover 96 percent of the US population with 4G LTE service by the end of 2014. 

That statement seems to show AT&T told regulators a whopper last year while fighting for its doomed T-Mobile merger.  The company said then that without T-Mobile, it was "very unlikely" it would expand 4G LTE service beyond 80 percent of the country. 

The FCC called AT&T out, saying it believed the company was going to expand with or without T-Mobile. AT& T denied it at the time, but here's this new proclamation: AT&T says it never lied and circumstances had changed.

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