Sizing You Up To Shop Smarter

5:28 PM, Sep 19, 2012   |    comments
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COLUMBIA, MD. (WUSA) -- Store by store, brand by brand, it can be a major feat to figure out what really works for your body.

"I usually have a hard time finding exactly what fits me best," says Paloma Encinas, a shopper at The Mall in Columbia.

So, Paloma is eager to step into a size matching station called "Me-Ality," or measured reality, to take the guesswork out of finding the right fit.

Here's how it works. A wand does a quick once over your body and goes through a series of internal calculations that Me-Ality claims will extract your just-right fit at different retailers.

Jon Sell of Me-Ality says there's no standard sizing across the board with manufacturers. He says the Me-Ality scan is a free service that helps to answer that question.

"We use radio waves, less than your cell phone to measure 200,000 points of measurement on your body," says Sell. "You compare it to what's been provided by the manufacturers and that's how you find your best fit."

That fit guide comes in a print out (or mobile link) that aggregates the results into a listing with a pink bar. The darker the pink bar, the better the fit.

Paloma took her shopping guide to Aeropostale on the hunt for jeans that would accentuate her short and curvy frame. How'd she do?

"They fit really well!"

Nine News anchor Lesli Foster gave it a try too, and bought three pairs of jeans to see which one worked. All three did.

The scan doesn't just help you fit into a new pair of jeans, it can read your body type for tops, skirts, pants and dresses too. And, it's free.

And for shoppers who want to find picks that match the season's trends, Me-Ality says it's partnering with People Style Watch. The results on each shopping guide will include highlighted items for the Fall.

If you can find your best fit, and find it fast, Me-Ality hopes this kind of technology will change the way we shop. Or, at the very least, what we return.

*There are seven Me-Ality locations in the DC/Baltimore area. Fair Oaks Mall, The Mall in Columbia, Wheaton Mall (coming soon), Montgomery Mall (coming soon), Annapolis Mall, White Marsh and Towson.

Written by Lesli Foster
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