Apple Expected To Unveil New iPhone 5 Wednesday

7:22 AM, Sep 12, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Wednesday, we are probably going to find out what the iPhone 5 looks like and does, and already hopes are incredibly high.

Sales of the iPhone 5 are expected to hit new records that could boost the Nation's GDP numbers. So far, Apple has sold 244 million iPhones since the phone launched in 2007.

So what do you do if you have an old one you are about to replace?

A couple of ideas:

  • Give the old one to your kids so they stop taking yours. I've turned an old one into an iPod for my daughter.
  • Donate to charity -- like Cell Phones for Soldiers.
  • Sell it on eBay or through a service like
  • Trade it in at GameStop for cash or a store credit 
  • Recycle it with Apple. For example, Apple will give you an Apple gift card if the phone still has value. A 32 gig iPhone 4S could get you $280 in credit.

What's the big deal about this whole thing? Apple recently became the most valuable U.S. company in history. Currently, there is not a single cell phone that has even come close to selling as many units as the iPhone. The major manufactorers are all in some sort of turnaround  so they aren't in the best positions to challenge Apple.iPhone's subsidy typically runs about $400 per device.

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