Woman Battles Breast Cancer; Walks In Komen Global Race For The Cure

2:03 PM, Jun 5, 2010   |    comments
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  • Constance Downs battles against Stage IV metastatic breast cancer.
  • Friends raise $13,328.40 for Constie's Resilience team at Susan G. Komen Global Race For The Cure

WASHINGTON DC (WUSA) --- Constance Downs of Silver Spring, Md.,  walks in Susan G. Komen Global Race For The Cure, Saturday, June 5, 2010. She is battling Stage IV metastatic breast cancer for which there is no cure. Downs details her experiences battling the illness on her blog, "Conquering Cancer."

"You can't be careful enough and things like Komen are making a huge difference in coming up with solutions that will work over the long haul so that we can live full lives," says Downs. She says doctors told her she had a two percent chance that her breast cancer would return after her first battle with the disease years ago.

"I have a two-year-old [daughter]. I have an eight-year-old [daughter]. I have a lot of reasons to live," she says. 

A group of over ten friends and family raised $13,328.40 for the Constie's Resilience team under the Komen event. The amount of money makes the team one of the top 20 fundraising family/friend teams for the 2010 race.

"The typical life span of a metastatic breast cancer person is 30 months. So we're hoping, with this money, that we'll be able to contribute to a cure so that people who have Stage IV metastatic breast cancer, that it's not a life sentence," says friend Chris O'Donnell who has run with Downs in past Komen races.


Today, O'Donnell ran the race alone.


"It was hard, it was very humid. But I figured if my friend could survive Stage IV breast cancer, I can keep one foot in front of the other," says O'Donnell.  

Written by: Elizabeth Jia



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