Swimsuits To Fit Breast Cancer Survivors

12:42 AM, Aug 9, 2010   |    comments
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CHEVY CHASE, Md (WUSA) -- If you're a breast cancer survivor, finding a flattering bathing suit can be a challenge. But designer Minoo Mobin-Ventura has designed a swimsuit line that makes survivors feel comfortable and glamorous.

Next to professional model Oksana, Michele DeMay might not use the term hot to describe herself. But in the swimsuit department at SAKS in Chevy Chase, Maryland, this photographer and breast cancer survivor knows she looks good and she feels good.

"Now I don't have to be so uncomfortable," Michele DeMay told us.

But a suit that is both comfortable and sexy or glamorous can be hard to find for women who've had cancer surgery.

Minoo Mobin-Ventura said, "The prints are very matronly looking. They look like mom and pop kind of swimsuits. They weren't fashion forward and they weren't made very well."

But not swimwear with the Belafigura label of designer Minoo Mobin-Ventura.

Michele shared, "I love it I love the comfortable fit the coverage of it. Your body has been through a lot when you fight something like this and you are conscious of people around you especially when you go down in a bathing suit. It is awesome to be able to wear something where you can lose that."

This is the reaction Minoo loves to here. The Belafigura collection flatters every woman, but the custom designs specifically address the needs of women who've had mastectomies or other cancer surgeries and may need more coverage.

"I would take one of my real fashion forward pieces and just allow it to adjust for a breast cancer survivor. So I have taken the neck lines for instances. I have raised them up higher and I have inserted prosthetic inserts," Minoo said.

After her own kidney cancer surgery, Minoo understands this type of woman all too well.
She realized she had a scar and couldn't wear a bikini so she thought she couldn't be the only one going through something like that.

That was 5-years ago and when she stopped working for someone else and decided to pursue her own fashion dreams.

Now her dream makes a dream possible for other women.

Minoo said "It is all about how they want to look and what they want to show and reveal that is pretty much what I have done, but I want these girls to say I can look good I feel good and comfortable."

Belafigura swimsuits are also sold at the Stretch-A-Licious Boutique in Potomac, Maryland.

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