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2:48 PM, Dec 18, 2009   |    comments
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BETHESDA, Md. (WUSA) -- L'Academie de Cuisine chef Danielle Turner can cook and cut with the best of them. She cut up a spread vegetables in just 10 minutes.

But we wondered if the Slap Chop could help her churn them out even faster.

Chef Danielle starts with the garlic. After a couple of hits, she still has pretty large pieces. So, she slaps it around again.

"This is a great tool," says Danielle. "Until, I realized that most of my garlic is stuck to the blades that are inside."

She takes the Slap Chop apart easily then heads to the sink to clear it out before she can use her gadget again.

Next, she tries an onion.

"I could've probably chopped two onions in the time it's taken me to have to go in and clean this out," says the chef.

And, it's another trip to the sink before she punishes something else.  With a Roma tomato, we got more "strips" than chops.

To round out her chopping experience, Chef Danielle tried her hand at some walnuts.

"Okay, that's not so bad," she says.

This self-proclaimed old school chef says she won't be bringing in any help to top off her homemade creations.

"By the end of my time with the Slap Chop, I was ready to "slap, chop" the Slap Chop."

A spokesperson for Slap Chop, tells our Living Smart team, that you should use small pieces of food in the Slap Chop. And, that tomatoes aren't the best thing to use.

For the best results reach for foods with substance like carrots, celery or onions.  

The spokesperson also says that our participant used the device without the food splash guard.

The product our participant received did not include paper instructions nor were there any on the website. The Slap Chop spokesperson says without the guard, ingredients can get caught in the blades and chopping cannot take place.

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