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6:02 PM, Nov 12, 2009   |    comments
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WALDORF, Md. (WUSA) -- You backed up too fast. Or, you got a little too close for comfort. When it comes to your car, every scratch and dent tells a story.

"Most of em' you can figure out what happened, by looking at what happened to the car, " says Herby Schneider, owner of Classic Auto Body shop.

The experts at this Waldorf, Maryland shop have seen it all. So, our Living Smart team sent them the Simoniz Fix It product to find out how well it wipes away wear and tear.

Anchor Lesli Foster tells Schneider, "It's supposed to be the detailer's choice. It repairs and fixes scratches and swirls. We'll see."

Herby gives the product a shake, then gets ready.

"We're gonna apply a light amount to the scratch," says Schneider.

To use the Simoniz Fix It, you either buff the product into the scratch or rub it in with the microfiber towel. Herby lets the buffer do the work, gives it a wipe, and does a scratch check.

"The scratches are still there."

The product says you will get the best results if you put the product directly on the buffer or microfiber towel if it's used on the side of a car.

But when Herby used the product  it added more scratches to the car and faded the paint. So Herby had to use some pricey tools to repair, the repair.

Finally, he uses sandpaper to get the scratches out, then applies other compounds and buffs out a smooth surface.

"The scratches are gone and the paint almost looks like new again," says Herby.

Herby says, despite how it's advertised, the Simoniz Fix It, will not be this detailer's choice.

"I would not spend the money. I would not tell you to spend the money. I would consult a detail shop or professional body shop first."


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