Try It: GeMagic

6:35 PM, Nov 6, 2009   |    comments
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  • MANASSAS, Va., (WUSA) -- "I want you to start your seam on your pillow," says MaryAnn Campbell.

    The students and instructors at Sew Social take their stitching seriously.

    So, Living Smart sent the two sew socialites, MaryAnn Campbell and Roxie Poynor, the GeMagic to see whether it will leave them spellbound.

    You're supposed to be able to add sparkle to almost anything, jeans, purses, belts.  We'll see.

    The GeMagic is like a mini-sewing machine for your jewels and other stones.  To use it you size up the stone.

    "When you let go the stone is right there with the prong sticking out," MaryAnn says.

    Then line it up.

    "It's very simple, you just put it down in the fabric and you push very lightly.  Then you lift and the stone is affixed, and in the back the prongs are pushed together," she says.

    Roxie is a couture fashion instructor who works with all kinds of intricate material.  She used it on a belt, on lace and a purse.

    "It seals really nicely," she says.

    MaryAnn founded Sew Social, and used the handheld GeMagic on her denim creation.

    "Use the setter tool, fix the size you need, go ahead and press down, MaryAnn says.

    She says you'll have to press a little harder on thicker materials like denim, but overall it's still easier and quicker.

    "It could actually take you a couple of hours just to put that few a beads on because you're sewing one at a time," she says.

    These two threaders were skeptical when they first got the $20 product.

    "I've used a lot of tools like that that proclaim they're gonna do this, and they don't and you're disappointed," she says.

    But it turns out, what they turned out with GeMagic has them convinced of one thing.

    "Would you try it again?" asks Living Smart's Lesli Foster.

    "Yeah, we will use it," says MaryAnn. 

    "I really would.  I enjoyed it," says Roxie.

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