Try It: Grab 'N Bag

6:37 PM, Nov 6, 2009   |    comments
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Shark Grab 'n Bag

WOODBINE, Md., (WUSA) -- When Jill Berry isn't musing about her life as a mom online, she's trying to keep things simple.

With three kids in the house, there's always something to clean.

"For anything wet, it would be a sponge or paper towel.  For anything dry, it would be sort of a small hand-held vacuum cleaner," she says.

We sent her the Shark Grab 'n Bag to see if it could help her find the one cleaning tool she needs in her arsenal.

It's motorized retractable bag is supposed to pull the mess in, eggs, carpet messes, paint and oil.  We'll see.

Jill puts the Grab 'n Bag together quickly, attaches the bag, "and it's ready to go," says Jill.

First up, chocolate pudding. Here's how it works. 

"So, this goes down on the floor so it's right beside the spill, then it pulls toward the scooper, she says.

But, she'll still need to wipe up what's left. 

Next, we crack a couple of eggs to see what happens.

"That didn't quite get it," says Jill.

The mess may need some help, but the bag comes out easy.

She says, "I would just release it so I could then tear the bag off."

After two test runs Jill says, "I'm wondering if it wouldn't just be easier to use a wet paper towel."

The Grab 'n Bag says it can retract the mess on your carpet too.

"Let's see how it does," she says.  "Oh, that's great."

We do one more thing, pour out some ketchup, assume the position and then, "Not bad." she says.

Jill says she tried a lot of products, and none of them work 100 percent well.  But this experience really grabbed her attention.

Living Smart's Lesli Foster asks, "Would you try it again?"

"Yes, I would," says Jill.

Jill likes that she can even reuse some of the bags.  The product claims you can clean up paint and oil.

We decided to leave that to the professionals.

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