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Where is Michelle Knight's son?

9:27 AM, Nov 7, 2013   |    comments
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(WKYC) -- Where is Michelle Knight's son today? It's a question many have asked, but one with a confidential answer.

Each year in Cuyahoga County, there are more than 600 children taken from their homes, put into foster care and awaiting adoption.

Could Michelle's son have already gone through that process? He was likely 2 years old when Michelle disappeared, which could make him 13 today. Where is he now? Could Michelle be reunited with him?

Michelle Knight remembers the day her role as a mother possibly took an irreversible turn.

"My mother's boyfriend came home one day high and drunk and just decided to take out his frustrations on my son. How did he do it?

"He twisted my son's leg, and I heard it crack," said Knight.

Michelle's son entered into foster care.


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