Topper's Blog: Halloween, Trick or Treat Weather, Halloween History

5:15 PM, Oct 31, 2013   |    comments
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Halloween or All Saints Eve: Was originally celebrated in May. The festival was then shifted to the eve of November by Pope Gregory III. The Druids celebrated the death of the old year on October 31 (their new year began on November 1st) lighting bonfires to help the sun through the dark days of winter.

We've been lucky lately on Halloween. Last year we were lucky with a breezy and mild day. In 2009 it was mild with just a few showers in the afternoon but was dry for trick or treating. In 2008, Halloween was bright and brisk. In fact it hasn't rained on Halloween since 2002 when highs held in the mid to upper forties with an ice storm in Garrett County. Last year we were cool and dry with highs only in the fifties. 

Well it looks like we'll keep our streak alive with another great night for trick or treating. Temperatures will be in the sixties. That is close to average daytime high for this time of year. There is a slight chance of a shower for you trick or treaters who stay out late and for you north and west of Town. The sunset is 6:09 PM on Halloween night. Please remember to wear reflective tape so the drivers can see you. Bring a flashlight; that helps the drivers see you and help you see where you are walking. It's also best to travel in groups. Don't eat any candy until Mom or Dad has inspected it when you are done trick or treating and you return home. If the kids can't wait then send some of your candy with them before they begin trick or treating.

Full moons and Halloween: It is a rare occurrence when a full moon coincides with Halloween. There was a full moon on Halloween back in 1925, 1944 and 1955. The next one...2058.

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