Maryland State Police Say Little They Can Do About Stunt Motorcyclists

4:23 PM, Oct 22, 2013   |    comments
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A Silver Spring family is recovering from a close call with a bunch of motorcycle stunters that left them with visions of that gang attack in Manhattan. 

Joe Schlesinger captured a few quick pics of the close encounter that left his family with nightmares. "I remember those pictures from New York, so I'm pretty shook," says his dad Scott. "I don't want to be dragged from my car. I don't want anyone hitting my car. I don't want anybody falling off their motorcycles and hitting them back accident."

The Schelisingers were driving back on Rt. 50 in Prince George's Sunday from a beach vacation in Assateague when they were surrounded by stunt bikers flying past them from seemingly all over the road.

"Ever get in a near accident, and you know that adrenaline rush you get?... They were popping wheelies right next to you, they were blocking all traffic," says the older Schlesinger. 

Across the country the so-called stunters are slowing traffic so they can pop wheelies, even climb atop their bikes.
Anecdotally, the death defying tricks are increasingly common.

Maryland State Police troopers say these kind of things now happen every weekend. And they insist there's little they can do about it. The bikers don't do it if they're troopers around. And if they respond to a 911 call, the bikers are gone before they get there. 

Years ago, we captured a Montgomery County cops frustration at his inability to catch a motorcyclist speeding through traffic.
And if they're in a bunch, it's even more difficult. "They just scatter like mice," says Scott Schlesinger.

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