Beware of Obamacare scam red flags

7:28 AM, Oct 7, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- With open enrollment underway, there is a lot of confusion about the Affordable Care Act.  Consumers don't know who is eligible, whose options have changed, and what they need to do.  Unfortunately, scam artists are ready to capitalize on that confusion and current events in Washington.

Among the most common scams seen by the Council of Better Business Bureaus are phone calls from people claiming to be from the federal government and claiming they need personal and financial information for affordable care cards. Those cards don't exist.

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud warns of fake exchange websites and of phishing.

James Quiggle told us, "Emails that appear to be from your exchange or some government official, you open them, you click on a link, and that could install malware on your computer. Or take you to a bogus exchange site."

Whether the scam arrives at the front door, on the phone or in an inbox, the Better Business Bureaus say don't let anyone pressure you.

"Look at what your options are and make the best decisions for you, without being scared or pushed into it through fear," advises Carrie Hart with the Council of Better Business Bureaus.

After, coverage under the exchanges won't begin until January 1 and enrollment is open until March 31.

Consumers must be aware the government agencies will not contact them by phone, e-mail or text. Scam artists are trying to get your personal information like your social security number and the government already has your social security number, so if somebody asks for it you should know it is a scam.

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