Mother begs thief to return memories of comatose son

12:57 PM, Oct 2, 2013   |    comments
Roy Vazquez Jr. (KXTV)
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SACRAMENTO, CA (KXTV) - As they pray for a miracle for their son, a Stockton family is asking a thief to return a stolen cell phone filled with precious pictures.

It was Aug. 18 when 11-year-old Roy Vazquez Jr. woke up in bed screaming.

"You hear your son crying and waking up from the worst headache of his life and from there you just don't hear from him again," said his mother Sylvia Vazquez as she sat outside UC Davis Medical Center on Tuesday.

Roy had suffered an aneurysm, a broken blood vessel in his brain that left him in a coma. Vazquez had scores of pictures of her son on her iPhone 5 and had used it to keep a record of his stay in the hospital.

"Throughout this whole time, I would look back into my phone and look at my pictures and my videos because I don't want to forget his voice or the way that he is," Vazquez said.

Staying up with her son every night had left Vazquez exhausted mentally and physically, and one day she left her cell phone in a bathroom at the hospital. When she returned, it was gone.

"I sent messages to it, you know, telling them that if they could return my phone," she said.

But no one responded.

"All my moments that I had before this happened were in that phone," Vazquez recalls as tears fill her eyes.

Roy, a happy youngster who was just starting 7th grade, loved to read and draw and was known to friends and family as an "old soul." When he was 10, he decided, for some reason, to write a bucket list, which included his hope he would make his parents proud, someday cure cancer and added a note to himself to "start living life now."

Vazquez said the cell phone holds images of Roy over many months, including quite a few that are not stored anywhere else.

"He's been in a coma for over a month now. And we haven't lost our faith or our hope that he will recover," Vazquez said.

In the meantime, Vazquez is asking for the person who picked up her phone to return it to News10, no questions asked. The station will return it to the family. The station's street address is 400 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818.

"If they can just find it in their hearts to just, return the phone," Vazquez said. "Do the right thing and make sure that we get our son's moments back."

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