Washington Navy Yard shootings: More details emerge about Aaron Alexis

6:20 AM, Sep 18, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The criminal investigation into the Washington Navy Yard shootings continues. There is new information into how the 34-year-old civilian contractor with a history of mental health issues was able to gain a valid pass onto the secure facility.

Officials say Aaron Alexis had been seeking help for mental health issues. Last month, he called police in Newport, Rhode Island and said he was hearing voices and that people were stalking him.
He was also receiving treatment through the Veterans Administration.

We have learned that Aaron Alexis first gained his security clearance after joining the Navy in 2008. That security clearance was good for a decade, we're told, even though he was discharged from the Navy for insubordination and even though Navy officials were told just last month that Alexis was hearing voices.

His contract employer says he has some questions, too. His employer relied on the Navy's background check before hiring Alexis, the man police say walked into the Navy Yard on Monday with a shotgun.

After the 30-minute rampage, 12 innocent lives were lost. They were civilian employees ranging in age from 46 to 73. John Johnson, also known as JJ, was the oldest victim from Derwood, Md. His wife said they last spoke on the phone at 7:30 Monday morning. At 8:20 everything changed.

"My husband was a wonderful, wonderful man. He was always happy, always positive, loved the world, loved life, loved his faith and just proud to be an American. We were going to retire soon and he loved his job. He wanted to keep working because he just loved it, loved all the people he worked with, never met a stranger in his life. I'm still in shock. Thank God for the support of all of his family. He would be very proud of all of them. That's really pretty much all I can say," said Judy Johnson.

For Judy Johnson, there are some very difficult days ahead. The Navy Yard is open Wednesday morning but it is not business as usual there. Mission essential personnel will stop at the security check point before gaining access into the complex. We're also told that parking lots and garages will be open at 9:00 a.m. for those folks who evacuated Monday.

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