Let's Be Real: This Is Football

10:27 PM, Sep 13, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The NFL may have settled the concussion lawsuit from its former players but the debate over football safety is anything but concluded. 

But I believe there's really only one question, football or no football? 

Because even now, decades later, I can vividly recall my old man explaining to me that 'football is a terrible game, violent...dangerous ...A gladiator sport and No one should ever play it. Now son, here's how you get a good spiral on the ball...and if you're tackling a big guy you wanna go in low with the shoulder.'

See, pops was just like most fans. His human side hated to see anybody get hurt but the caveman inside couldn't help but revel in watching two big guys smash into each other at top speed and then one of them doesn't get up so quick.

And that's why I'm having a hard time with this whole make-football-safer thing the NFL management is trying to sell us. Sure, we now know multiple concussions and other injuries do take a terrible human toll.  But if you really wanted safety, you'd play flag football, except nobody will pay to see that.

So the NFL tinkers around the edges of the game with rules changes, fines and ticky tack penalties, hoping and praying that we'll somehow forget that at its core, the chaotic violence of football is what sells football; its what makes even sweet old ladies put on jerseys and scream out, Kill him. Killlll him. 

Its football. Violent, dangerous, barbaric. No one should ever play it. And Lets be real, that's just how we like it.

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