Lets Be Real: Spotify

10:23 PM, Aug 20, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- In case you didn't know this, Derek had a birthday last week and while he's at an age where the celebration has become a bit muted, Derek says there's nothing like that new fangled internet to make a guy feel old.

Lets talk about Spotify, that internet app that lets you play just about any song you want, anytime you want for free. It comes in pretty darn handy but this week I began to notice a darker side. 

You see apparently in some long forgotten sign up procedure, I told the spotify folks my birth date, so now when I'm playing music, I'm getting marketing, age specific marketing. As in, when you were back in school; Play that funky music by Wild Cherry was really hot.  Wanna hear it now?  Or when you were in high school Barry White was huge. Wanna hear it now? Or back in your day? Old fogies like you thought the Bee Gees were smokin. Wanna hear it now?  

No, I don't wanna hear it now. What's next? Tom Jones? Or maybe Cab Calloway?  

But then down at the bottom of the page, I found this: Ciara.

She's young, she's extremely hot and hip and her new record is trending my area they say. That's what I'm talking about. Now you got me!  

So I listened to her music for about 25 seconds.  Before I turned it off because I was reminded of something. I always did have a soft spot for Tom Jones. You know, tight pants, variety show in the 70s? Its not unusual to be loved by anyone. Nothing wrong with that. 

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