Boston Marathon Blasts Reactions and Observations From Last Night In Boston

8:36 AM, Apr 16, 2013   |    comments
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BOSTON, Mass. (WUSA9) -- Good morning from Boston. 

The day after the Marathon blasts rocked the city, people and authorities here are clearly still searching for answers.

A couple of observations from last night:

  • Most of the city was shut down last night.  Police had blocked many streets in the vicinity of where the explosions took place, and they remained off limits when we left the area just before midnight.  Furthermore, only a very small handful of restaurants/bars in the area were open late and other than the media, police, and police blockades, streets were relatively barren.
  • One man we spoke with last night from Rockville, Md. made a point to commend the first responders.  The man, who had run in the marathon and had finished before the blasts hit, repeatedly said how impressed he was with the responders. He said he felt as though the communication from authorities and Marathon officials to people in the area after the explosions was quite effective.

Overall just a somber atmosphere here.  Our hotel is filled with Marathon runners, and many are still visibly shaken by yesterday's event.

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