Mice Close Bethesda's Cookies By Design, Chinese Restaurant Closed Second Time, And Liquor Store's Food Sales Suspended

6:52 AM, Mar 29, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA9) -- Mice in a high dollar Bethesda cookie boutique, a Chinese restaurant shut down for the second time in a year, and a liquor store ordered to stop selling food are all in this week's Food Alert documenting violations experts say could make you sick.

Inspectors closed Cookies by Design on Cordell Ave. in Bethesda, Ren's Ramen on Amherst in Wheaton, and Skip Liquors on 61 St. NE.

In Bethesda, at Cookies by Design, the manager blamed a rodent closure on a disgruntled employee and asked us to wait 24 hours before we could look inside their kitchen.

Even after Cookies by Design passed re-inspection, resumed cookie sales and made us wait a day before looking, we still found mouse droppings behind the cookie pans, near the refrigerators and in the center of the store.

Inspectors reported seeing a live mouse.

The owner said she believed the droppings we found were simply missed from their clean-up and said she is doing everything health officials requested.

According to the report, inspectors came to Cookies by Design because someone complained about seeing a mouse inside the cookie store. 

In Wheaton, we've reported on a health department closure at Ren's Ramen before.

Inspectors closed the Chinese restaurant in August for operating with a sewage back-up caused by a neighboring restaurant.

This time, inspectors ordered Ren's closed for operating without hot water.

It passed re-inspection both times and when we arrived, they allowed us to test their hot water temperature.

Our thermometer recorded compliance - about 20 degrees above the Maryland minimum of 100. 

On 61st St NE, inspectors suspended the food license at Skip's Liquors citing dirty conditions, four inches of water on the floor and a facility in disrepair.

The manager said repairs will allow him to quickly meet code and continue selling food.

If you see something unsanitary while you're at an eating establishment, your report would like generate an inspection.

Click here for contacts to complaint to area health departments: http://www.wusa9.com/investigation/article/239623/450/Contact-Health-Depts-About-Restaurant--Food-Risks

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