Let's Be Real: Reaction To Andrea McCarren's Reports

6:44 PM, Feb 9, 2012   |    comments
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Let's Be Real: Reaction To Andrea McCarren's Reports

Overwhelming. that's the only way to describe the continued reponse to Andrea McCarren's series of teen drinking stories. But sadly, that's not entirely a good thing.

Last week, I said I understood why some teens might be upset to find their "good times" threatened by Andrea McCarren's series on underage drinking.

But Andrea says she has been stunned and heartbroken to find herself subjected to online name calling too foul to mention on TV.

And threats that the cops took so seriously, they posted a police car in front her house all weekend. And now the pressure on her family has become so intense, Andrea has decided she will no longer be the face on camera for some of the more sensitive stories.

Don't worry, our reports will continue, despite dozens of Facebook posts like this one: "You can't try and take away something that teens love without retaliation. Haven't you ever heard of teenage rebellion? Teens love to drink and I'm sure they'll be laughing it up about your report while they party tonight."

Well, I'm sure some will try. But we never thought we could stop teens from drinking. We wanted to wake up the folks whose job it is to make it harder for you to screw up. Maybe get some kids to calculate the risk isn't worth the trouble. Perhaps even save some lives.

Because all of us here learned a long time ago, there are much worse things than a few nasty names.

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