Hands Free Devices: You Get What You Pay For

5:45 PM, Sep 28, 2010   |    comments
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BETHESDA, Md. (WUSA) --  This Friday, Maryland becomes the eighth state where you can't talk on a hand held phone if you're behind the wheel.

And, if you are looking to go hands free by Friday, there are plenty of ways to take a call without touching your phone.

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"When it really gets down to specifics, it's gonna depend on the consumer," says Aaron Kirzner, Best Buy Mobile Team Lead.

At the Best Buy Mobile store at Westfield Montgomery Mall, there's a device for every budget. They start at $20 and go up to $130.

"You will notice things like a difference in audio quality, features like noise cancellation," says Kirzner.

But how different can they really be? Expect just a basic entry set for $19.99. Pay $10 dollars more and get better audio quality. And, for $39.99 Kirzner says audio quality is really starting to get to the mid range peak.

At $59.99, Kirzner says you can expect better battery life, audio quality and comfort.

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And, as the prices go up, so the do the perks. The top of the line model for $130 gives you the ability to stream audio and even comes with a carrying case that doubles as an extended life battery.

Kirzner says the old saying is true: "You're gonna get what you pay for."

And, if you don't pay for a hands free device and you're caught talking on a cell phone in Maryland, you could end up paying for a ticket.

Starting Friday, October 1,  the fine is $40 for a first offense and $100 if you're caught again. However, in Maryland talking on the cell while driving is a secondary offense; meaning, the police have to stop you for another traffic infraction first.


Written by Lesli Foster

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