Cleaning For A Reason

6:41 AM, Jul 9, 2010   |    comments
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MONTGOMERY, Md (WUSA) -- Cancer patients have enough to deal with that they don't need the added responsibility or pressure to maintain a clean house. The non profit "Cleaning for a Reason" with local affiliates in our area are helping relieve some of that stress.

Fatigue is understandable after what Sherene Cameron has been through. She was diagnosed for a second time with breast cancer just before Thanksgiving in 2009. After surgery, there were doctor's visits, rounds of chemo and weeks of radiation treatments. Getting well left little time for housekeeping

Sherene told us, "I am not doing the cleaning like I would normally do. Sometimes if I have a taste for something a little special I might do a little cooking."

This group doesn't prepare meals. But the crew from Huff n' Puff Cleaning Service is ready to tackle those household chores to help women undergoing treatment for any type of cancer.

Huff n' Puff has been serving lower Montgomery County for 31-years. For nearly 3-years, it has been a participant with Dallas based, Cleaning for a Reason. The non profit has 613 cleaning partners in Canada, all fifty states and Washington DC.

Huff n' Puff's owner, Vicki Coleman said the decision to join was an easy one,
"I love giving back to other women because I am passionate about what women can accomplish."

To get started women, in treatment, must first register on the Cleaning for a Reason website. Then they handle all of the paper work and call a cleaning services affiliate in the survivor's area. Once that is done the cleaning services like Huff n' Puff will call the survivor and set up the cleanings.

"We will come in once a month for four months we provide a team of usually three people for an hour and 20-minutes. And we will make sure you bathrooms will be shiny, kitchen spotless, we dust and vacuum, remove cobwebs and fingerprints," Vicki told us.

It is the same makeover they do for their regular clients, but this special service is free.

Vicki told us they have only one regret and that is they have only helped two Cleaning for a Reason clients.

Many people just don't know about Cleaning for a Reason service, but now you do.

The Dallas based website has limited access. Only a few web surfers are allowed to register at any one time. For more information, contact Cleaning for a Reason Monday through Friday, 9-AM to 4:30-PM central time at 877-337-3348.

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