Local Talent Can Save The Redskins

9:54 AM, Jul 28, 2011   |    comments
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I can't say I'm a little blue over the NFL and its player association finally getting its act together and coming to a labor agreement. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love football.  To work for a professional football team has been a dream of mine since I was 18 years-old when I learned there's more to a sports team than just its players and coaches. 

But that being said, since we're based in the Washington-metro region, the months of August through December are devoted to one thing: your Washington Redskins, which in the last decade have devolved from one of the league's crown jewels into its biggest laughingstock (at least the Oakland Raiders have made multiple conference title games and a Super Bowl in this century).  I honestly believe its fans have developed Stockholm Syndrome as they've begun to accept and enjoy the misery than Daniel Synder has rained upon them in his tenure as owner.  I have no idea what people would talk about in this region if they weren't trying to figure out what who the Redskins needed to draft or if they weren't whining about how much their owner sucks (even though they've supported his incompetency by making the team the second-richest franchise in the NFL).

A big knock of the team is that they don't draft anybody.  It was just recently that the Redskins have finally stopped mortgaging their future draft picks 2008 housing market-style and finally realized that to build a winner, you have to home grow your talent.  And in the biggest show of irony this side of ever, Fed-Ex Field is planted firmly in the most fertile college prospect land in the Middle Atlantic.  Prince George's County is a machine in churning out elite high school players.  If only the Redskins could call dibs on those players once they've gone and grown in college and have them come home in front of their hometown fans.

And that dear reader is a game that I will be playing today.  Back in the early days of the NBA, to drum up interest, the league would allow local franchises to draft local kids.  I venture to say that a territorial draft is the quickest way to nudge the Redskins back to respectability.  The Redskins would have their franchise quarterback and left tackle in the high school class of 2011 once Gonzaga's Kevin Hogan and DeMatha's Cyrus Kouandjio have returned from Stanford and Alabama respectively. 

By taking in account of SB Nation DC's blog on the needs of the 2011 Redskins, I will make the territorial draft picks from the high school class of 2011 and provide the definite way to (imaginarily) save your Washington Redskins. 

According to SB Nation DC, the Skins need help on the offensive and defensive lines and with wide receivers and in the secondary.  Now I'd say the team needs a new quarterback and running back, but let's not make this fantasy team more fantastical than it already is.  It looks like we're going to have to live with the all-star quarterback platoon of Kellen Clemens, John Beck, and Rex Grossman until I open up this little game for the high school class of 2012.

The Redskins have it already made since they have last year's third-ranking overall recruit in the country dominating in their backyard.  If Alabama develops Cyrus Kounadjio like I know they will and if everything pans out properly, Kouandjio can join Trent Williams and give the Redskins two of the most athletic bookends on the offensive line in the league.

The Skins' defensive line has been in a state of entropy ever since Daniel Snyder decided to pay the GDP of Uruguay to a guy who once stomped down on a guy's face(with metal cleats no less).  Albert Haynesworth's stint in DC was a mitigated disaster and his negativity has dragged down the defensive line with him.  So my pick to replace Fat Al is Ballou High School's Lamonte Clark.  Clark anchored a defensive that dominated all season-long and it's too bad Ballou ran into academic issues, barring the Knights from a shot at a City Title.   

The high school class of 2011 is pretty thin at pure wide receiver talent.  There's plenty of tweener athletes who moonlight as wide-outs in different packages...which in another stroke of irony, is exactly the same situation with the Burgundy and Gold.  For this pick, I want Osbourn High School's Dominique Terrell whose shown aptitude at quarterback, wide receiver, defensive back, and kick returner.  With the glut of diminutive wide receivers that the Redskins are stockpiling, it looks like they're going to overrun opposing defensives with an army of Oompa-Loompas who clock in sub 4.2 40s.

Whereas the high school class of 2011 was lean on pure wide-outs, it has physical defensive backs in spades.  The Redskins are looking to pick up a cornerback who can convert turnovers (sorry Carlos Rogers) and they'll find one in Friendly High School Sherrod Baltimore.  Baltimore may have to shift to play safety at the next level, but wherever he's set on the field, he'll get you the ball.

I often have to educate my two football-savvy friends in the office who hail from Florida and Alabama about the level of talent in the Washington-metro area.  Like typical Southeastern Conference honks, they believe the third-string  defensive back on a school out of Fort Lauderdale could become an All-American and dominate if he went to high schools closer to Mason-Dixon Line.  I'll have to give them a heads-up that this region is known for its "quality, not its quantity."  If only the Redskins could get a little taste of that quality, maybe...just maybe the fan base will find some sort of peace. 

Now if I we can get some territorial draft picks for the Wizards... 

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