The Grill Daddy Claims To Steam Grates Sparkling Clean

4:23 PM, Aug 26, 2010   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Mike "The Dawg" Skahill is a firefighter in DC, and pitmaster for the department's fire fightin' BBQ team on the road.

The team won a national barbecue sauce championship this year. 

"I don't know if it's magic, but it's right good!," he says.

The grilling guru knows a thing or two about what grates can look like once the chicken, burgers and dogs are done.

So, we sent him The Grill Daddy to see whether it can cut through the gunk left behind.

It says it cleans like a mother, with the power of steam, fun and easy to use, no more hard work, no more chemicals, works on all grills.  Well, we'll see.

Once you fill the handle with water, it's ready to go.  The instructions tell us to preheat the grill for the best results.

"I'm ahh scrape it first with this," Skahill says.  "Not bad.  It's actually working."

Mike used the scraper brush first, then leaned on the power of steam to do the rest.

"That doesn't look bad.  I'm surprised," he says.

When we first sent him this so-called revolutionary tool, he was skeptical.

But after minutes of scraping and scrubbing, he says, "Heat it up and run over it with that real quick, you'll get a whole summer out of it."

While the Dawg and the Daddy might not team up for the next trip, he says it could work wonders for your backyard barbecue.

We wanted to know if he would try it again? 

And he says, "Yes, especially if you leave it here!"

Mike gives the Grill Daddy even more kudos because the brush attachments can go into the dishwasher for cleaning once it's done.

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