Redskins Name Change? Two Players Highly Doubt It

4:20 PM, Oct 7, 2013   |    comments
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ASHBURN, Va. (WUSA) -- President Obama reignited a torch under the Washington Redskins name debate this weekend during an interview with the Associated Press. Obama stated that he would 'think about changing the name.'

The Redskins immediately responded to the president through their attorney, Lanny Davis. The full link to the statement can be read here

Two Redskins entertained questions regarding the name change on Monday. Defensive end Jarvis Jenkins does not see the harm in the name.

"Obviously I don't have a problem with it. If you take a population vote, obviously people are cool with it...but you never know [if the name will be changed]. I don't think it will be changed anytime soon."

Linebacker Rob Jackson reiterated Jenkins sentiment on the Redskins name.

"[There] is too much tradition. I feel like long as Snyder is the owner, I feel like he's not, you know, going to change the name."

Two other players were not as forth coming as Jenkins and Jackson were. Fullback Darrel Young says he can't be concerned with issues like this.

"It's not my job to talk about the name. I'm playing for the name. If they change it, they change it. If they keep it, they keep it. I'm just going with whatever Snyder calls it."

And linebacker Perry Riley kept it simple: "I don't know."

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