Rand Paul supports Ken Cuccinelli for Va. governor

9:53 PM, Oct 28, 2013   |    comments
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Republicans Rep. Frank Wolf and Del. Tim Hugo were the warm-up acts before Sen. Rand Paul took center stage holding a 7-11 Big Gulp.

"I decided to stop and get a Big Gulp because I heard Nanny Bloomberg is trying to buy a governor's seat here. I figured he was also coming to take away my guns," said Rand, starting with a slam to Cuccinelli's opponent Democrat Terry McAuliffe and his ties to New York. The crowd ate it up.

Sen. Rand told the gathering that Ken Cuccinelli would be a leader who would fight against an overbearing and over zealous government.

Western Fairfax County is Cuccinelli's former home base where voters first sent him to the state senate and then helped him become Virginia's Attorney General. While some in the nearly all white crowd had NRA signs and anti-abortion stickers...many just slipped out to work to show their support and carried no signs.

Ed Linz of Springfield who came with is wife Sharon said, "We are not Tea Party people, we just simply turn the state over to the gambling industry."

Cuccinelli has seized on the failures of the Affordable Care Act. The roll out's debacle and subsequent problems are handing the conservative a significant new line of attack against McAuliffe, who supports the ACA and Medicaid Expansions.

The crowd was reminded several times that it was Cuccinelli who was the first Attorney General to sue the federal government after President Obama signed the ACA into law. "I think it took me 35 minutes," Cuccinelli said. He explained that his lawsuit had nothing to do with healthcare, but about the government forcing its people to buy something, which Cuccinelli considers an affront to liberty.

And about the new website and ACA problems Cuccinelli said more people are getting kicked off of Obamacare than are signing up. About higher premiums people are being charged Cuccinelli joked, "Oh, it's the UNAFFORDABLE Care Act," and he asked why the state would expand something that is failing.

With his opponent McAuliffe leading in the polls, Cuccinelli supporters are hoping the 10 percent who say they're going to vote libertarian... will instead chose the Republican.

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