Former Global Crossing workers claim they didn't know they would be in Ken Cuccinelli ad attacking Terry McAuliffe

10:59 AM, Sep 6, 2013   |    comments
Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli
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(WUSA9) -- Mother Jones reports that two of three workers who appear in a new Ken Cuccinelli campaign ad didn't know their comments were going to be featured in it.

The commercial was released on Wednesday, and attacks Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe for investing in Global Crossing, a fiber optics company that filed for bankruptcy in 2002. Hundreds of workers were laid off, and many saw their 401K accounts and severance pay packages emptied. Cuccinelli's ad claims while workers suffered "political insider and investor Terry McAuliffe cashed in."

Two former workers told Mother Jones they were never told their comments would be used in a political attack ad in Virginia.
Mother Jones reports that Deb Goehring received a call "asking if she would appear in a documentary film about the human toll of the Global Crossing bankruptcy." Goehring spoke to a film crew and then signed a waiver allowing "the filmmakers to use her interview however they pleased,"according to Mother Jones. 

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Even so, Goehring told Mother Jones the filmmakers never mentioned that her interview about being laid off might appear in a political ad. "If I had known that's what it was for, I never would've agreed to the interview," she told Mother Jones. "I know nothing whatsoever about Terry McAuliffe, and I don't have any feelings about him one way or the other." 

Corey Darrow says she was also approached by a filmmaker and told that he wanted "to better publicize what happened at Global Crossing..." according to Mother Jones. Darrow agreed to speak to the filmmaker, who identified himself as James Abushar. Abushar later denied doing the ad, and didn't answer questions about his contact with people who appeared in the ad, according to Mother Jones. 

Both Goehring and Darrow told Mother Jones that Cuccinelli's name never came up during their conversations with filmmakers but that they were asked repeatedly about McAuliffe. Darrow told Mother Jones she was okay with her story being out there "But I wish I would've known where it was going to be shown and when."

Mother Jones says it was unable to get comments from Gary Baron, the third former ex-employee, Cuccinelli adviser Chris LaCivita and a spokeswoman for Cuccinelli's campaign.

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