Lawyer Mark Zaid says questions still unanswered on JFK conspiracy

6:30 PM, Nov 22, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- People had a hard time 50 years ago believing a loser like Oswald could destroy Camelot.

They still do. More than half of us still believe someone else was involved.

Mark Zaid still has doubt, but probably not beyond a reasonable doubt. The Bethesda lawyer has spent the last 25 years suing the government to release more assassination documents. But he has also sued publishers for their bizarre theories.

One of the strangest ideas? That after hearing the first shot, it was a Secret Service agent who killed the President. "As he was going to swing around and heroically shoot Lee Harvey Oswald, the driver of the car hit the brakes, and he accidentally fell forward and hit the trigger and that was the head shot that killed JFK. The most ludicrous theory that's got to be out there."

WUSA9 asked Zaid if he believes there was a conspiracy. "Oswald was a shooter, maybe even the shooter," he replied. "But as a lawyer, I have to look at some of the issues that just haven't been explained."

One of Zaid's biggest questions is: Who were the two guys on the grassy knoll after the shooting who flashed badges and told a Dallas police officer they were Secret Service? 

"Now I represented two Secret Service agents in the motorcade and there were no Secret Service agents on the ground that day. No one."

Some have suggested the two may have been agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms who broke the rules and simply came to Dealey Plaza to see the President drive by. But they've never come forward.

Oswald had connections to Moscow, to Cuba, to pro-Castro and anti-Castro forces, to US intelligence and more."This was what turned everyone's head 160 degrees around, 360 degrees around," says Zaid.

Zaid was once convinced he could prove Oswald had nothing to do with it. "I still have some doubts." 50 years later, he's much less certain.

Zaid just tried, unsuccessfully, to get the National Archives to release more than 1,000 CIA documents that might be related to the assassination.

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