Cool Schools: Getting Ready For The Global Market

10:09 AM, Dec 17, 2012   |    comments
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(WUSA) -- Elsie Whitlow Stokes Charter in D.C. is getting students from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade ready for an international job market. 

The second graders inside the school are learning math and French simultaneously. Some of the students are so fluent in the language that they are doing a little teaching too.

Every class has a French and English teacher.  Some days, their work is done all in French. Other days, it's done in English.

Founder Linda Moore named the school after her idol Elsie Whitlow Stokes, the best teacher she ever encountered -- and her mother. Moore says the goal for the charter school was simple: prepare students for their global dreams.

"How can you be a global citizen if you can't talk to people?" said Moore. "That's all we're trying to do with students is give them that capacity, and open those brain cells to two languages now, maybe three later." 

Teachers say it usually takes about two months.

Madame Georgette Blay said, "Kids learn fast so in the beginning you use gestures, they get it and they start speaking it."

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