Cool Schools: Pre-Schoolers At Flint Hill School Use Tablets For Lessons

12:03 PM, Dec 9, 2011   |    comments
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OAKTON, Va. (WUSA) -- The hottest technology on the market is in the hands of pre-schoolers at Flint Hill School in Oakton, Virginia! 

Four and five year olds are learning shapes, colors and sets by taking pictures of things with the tablet computers and identifying the objects in their lessons.

They are also getting a handle on computer technology so early in their learning career they will be able to grow with technical improvements over time. Flint Hill is what?s called a ?One to One? school, which means every student gets their own tablet computer they will take with them from year to year.

Teachers say as the little ones learn how to focus and frame up a picture their hand eye coordination is improving as well.
What?s really cool, even at their tender ages Flint Hill school administrators say the pre-schoolers are teaching them new and more complex ways ways to use the iPad2's for future lessons!

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