President Obama considers pulling all U.S. troops from Afghanistan in 2014, say reports

10:00 AM, Jul 9, 2013   |    comments
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President Obama is considering withdrawing all U.S. troops from Afghanistan in 2014, CNN and The New York Times are reporting.

According to the newspaper, the president "is giving serious consideration to speeding up the withdrawal" of troops from Afghanistan and to a "zero option" that would remove all American troops from the country next year. The Times cited unnamed American and European officials in its report, published Monday.

CNN, also citing an unnamed official, said the "zero option" has always been a possibility for the U.S., but "the new revelation means it could be a very possible one now."

Obama has long planned to withdraw the majority of U.S. forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. The size of a smaller force that would stay to train the Afghan military and run counter-terrorism operations has not been disclosed.

Both reports attributed the development to strained relations between Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

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