A look at Md. roads as snow falls on Tuesday

9:16 AM, Dec 10, 2013   |    comments
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FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA9) -- The snow is falling across much of our area. WUSA 9's Scott Broom was driving westbound on I-70 between New Market and Frederick. 

With his locked-down live mobile newsroom dashboard camera he showed that the roadway is wet, it's been treated but there's a significant amount of slush on occasion which can catch you by surprise. An on ramp from Route 75 coming on to I-70 westbound is snow and slush covered. Broom reports that the visibility is poor.

"Perhaps not so good news is as you may be able to see from the dash cam here, I'm not alone out here. And in fact, there have been stretches of this drive this morning on I-70 where I've been surrounded by vehicles. There are clearly lots of people out who do not have the day off and who are trying to get to work despite the closure of the federal government and schools. And at times traffic slows down a lot," reported Broom.

That's not good news for the crews who are trying to keep roadways clear. They need a little bit of forward speed to be able to get the salt spreaders to have the maximum effect. The Department of Transportation in Virginia and the State Highway Administration in Maryland are asking people to stay off the roads simply so they can continue the clearing operations and keep roads in relatively good condition.


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