Snow and ice affect Maryland commuters

10:17 AM, Dec 9, 2013   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Icy Monday morning

(WUSA9) -- River Road is usually a busy thoroughfare to get into DC, but this Monday morning, it was pretty quiet. Highways and pre-treated roads were mostly clear by sunrise, but side streets were still coated in ice and slush. Even so, the commute wasn't too bad for most people in Maryland. Jessi Bennett of Frederick says, "It was really fine. I was on Route 28 the whole time and it was just wet the whole time."

With temperatures hovering right around freezing and rain continuing to fall during the morning, more ice piled up on the branches and twigs, so some of those branches fell down on area roadways. 

A thin coating of ice quickly becomes a heavy load for tree branches and twigs, sagging under the heavy weight. A tree on Route 107 in Poolesville is just one of the many that fell under the weight of snow and ice overnight. Cleaning up from a winter storm is never fun, but being prepared makes it bearable. After a hectic weekend, Pete McCloskey of Strosnider's Hardware store expects to have another busy day on Monday. He says, "We had a big frenzy Friday and Saturday, we had a lot of ice melt ready to go, we have another three pallets coming in."

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