BWI tower struck by lightning

7:07 AM, Sep 13, 2013   |    comments
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BALTIMORE, Md. (WUSA9) -- Air traffic is finally getting back to normal at Baltimore-Washington Airport. There was a lightning strike there Thursday. It hit the control tower and injured a person.

The last time we checked BWI Marshall's board, there were very few delays or cancellations. Airport officials say you should still call ahead to make sure your flight isn't delayed.

If you're coming to the airport, then expect long lines. People who were stranded at the airport on Thursday are likely trying to rebook flights to their destinations Friday.

The base of the tower that was struck was built in the 1950's. The control room was rebuilt, we're told, in 1983. The Baltimore Sun spoke to the president of the air traffic controllers union. He says this was a first time this has happened in his 30 year career.

The strike shut down BWI for three hours causing cancellations and massive confusion.  We spoke to passengers in the crowded terminal Thursday. One person told us, "It was total chaos. When you asked a question, nobody knew anything."

Another person shared, "Southwest Airlines just said a lot of rain. I didn't know anything about a lightning bolt. The Southwest line was wrapped around this place. I thought it was a security issue but clearly there aren't that many flights going out."

We also are learning much more about the employee who was injured. We're told the employee was released from the hospital and is recovering. According to The Baltimore Sun, the employee was inside the control room, tried flipping a switch to turn the generator on and that's when that employee was shocked, fell to his knees, and his left arm and left leg went numb.

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