Metro's Red Line experiencing major delays

5:37 PM, Nov 15, 2013   |    comments
Silver Spring Metro station from Twitter user @KateOlesin
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A signal problem outside of the Fort Trotten Metro station has caused major delays on the Red Line in both directions.

On Twitter, commuters are saying that trains were fully packed Thursday morning, and some people left to look for cabs.

We have contacted Metro to get an estimate of when the problem is expected to be fixed.

Metro has been experiencing Red Line delays all week, leaving riders frustrated and late for work.

WMATA's General Manager went into detail in a statement, describing the specific delays and reasons behind it. He said there had been three rush hours with delays exceeding 30 minutes since Thursday.  The incident on November 7 was related to a 'piece of track equipment that was moving off the line leaked oil onto the tracks between Rhode Island Avenue and Judiciary Square.  The oil created a slippery condition on the rails that needed to be cleaned before trains could operate on the affected track.'

The incident on November 13 was due to a communications cable becoming detached due to corrosion from the tunnel ceiling outside Woodley Park and needed to be secured to allow trains safe passage.  

On November 14, the 'locking brakes caused a train to become disabled and delays were exacerbated by a switch problem.'
The GM also said, "The oil leak is a quality problem with a piece of track equipment that the manufacturer is now addressing.  And we are engineering a solution to prevent locked brakes.  The VHF radio cable is part of an old system that will soon be replaced by a digital radio system. After decades of neglect, we have spent the past three years rebuilding the system from the bottom up.  Today, we're at the halfway mark. It's getting better, and these disruptions to service are happening less frequently overall."

WMATA's General Manager released the following statement Thursday morning.

I want to apologize for the delays and inconvenience you have experienced recently. I know that service on the Red Line has not been good over the past several days. Be assured, we are focused on these issues and are taking steps to improve service.

We will have more information about this morning's service posted here later today, and I will tell you about changes we are making to address this situation.

Again, I apologize for the delays you have experienced, and thank you for riding Metro.


Richard R Sarles

General Manager & CEO

Metro on Friday said they have responded to 85% of Redline customers who have gone online or called WMATA's customer care center asking for refunds for the three Redline problems that occurred this week by issuing rate adjustments or travel passes. They say their gorl is to respond to all cases as soon as possible. 

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