Cool Schools: student teaches teachers about robotics

7:37 AM, Nov 7, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- We're featuring a robotics course
where the student is the one teaching the teachers and he believes it's his way to give back.

"I'm here because I have the opportunity to take something I'm really passionate about and help others create the same passion," said Cyrus Tabrizi.

The 18-year-old from Thomas Jefferson High School says his love for robots started with STEM courses when he was in elementary school. So when he learned he could help other children build and program them he was all in.

"The Lego 'We Do' kit is a computer- based Lego Robotics kit," said Cyrus. He is now teaching teachers how to use it.

Sixth grade teacher Ashley Longosz told us, "And we had never used them before so we were a little nervous to use them and he just dove right in and stared telling us all about them."

Even though Cyrus is still a student himself. His ease with the topic made the teachers forget they were learning from a teen.

"We just kind of starting talking  I said 'here's the kit. What do you guys want to do with it?'" remembered Cyrus. 

Longosz said, "I felt like he was an adult in there teaching us."

With their concerns gone, teachers are using their robots to break down barriers with students and not only about STEM subjects; Melassa Hosey teaches English As A Second Language.

Hosey told us, "I think this is something that I could give them in the beginning of the year because I have a lot if students that come in with no English, and they could just look at the guide and build this different things with the Legos." 

For the sixth graders in Ashley Longosz' class, the lesson is to think big.

"Giving them the Lego kit and letting them explore they don't have to create the booklet version, they can be creative and do what ever they want with it," said Longosz.

And maybe some day they'll be able to give back to others, too.

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