Prince Williams County residents vent about the government shutdown

10:13 PM, Oct 1, 2013   |    comments
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(Photo: Michael Reynolds, EPA)

MANASSAS, Va.  (WUSA9) - Opinions varied as to who to blame, but they all agreed the shutdown a disgrace and that our elected leaders are to blame.

Al Kales, a retired airline mechanic who now lives in Haymarket, said the shutdown is "pitiful."   He put the blame squarely on Republicans.  

He said that American is the most affluent, richest nation in the world, everyone should have health care.   He said he thinks Republicans are hurting themselves because people will remember in the next election.

Paige Given is a veterinary technician.  Her sister works for the federal government and has hasn't been furloughed yet, but they're both worried.

"I think its ridiculous.  This shutdown affects to many people, not just those furloughed but everybody around them.  It is so  unfair.  People have bills to pay.     They just need to come up with a plan.   Hopefully, this won't last too long," Given said.

Another woman who would not give her name said she had no sympathy for federal workers.  "I wish I had their benefits," she said.  

Cheryl Knutti husband has as computer company and works with federal contracts.  His business is on hold.   
"The fact that people can't come to a compromise is immature in my opinion.  The blaming and finger-pointing is unnecessary.  The problem needs to be solved," she said.  

Adrienne Bennett,  a former teacher,  said her step son is a U.S. Army soldier deployed  in Afghanistan.  His eight month deployment is over and he's is supposed to come home, but he's been told there are no planes, no pilots to do it because of the shutdown.  

"I think that just sucks.  Here's someone who has served his country and he can't come home because the people in Congress can't do their job?"

The former teacher has a solution.  She said when children had disagreements in her school, they brought them to the principal's office, sat them down, but their knees together and told them to work it out.   She said she was ready to go to Congress and put that plan into place if needed. 


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