Florida Facebook murder, Scott Simon tweets beg question: Are we sharing too much online?

10:15 PM, Aug 9, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- We all know someone who snaps too many selfies or takes beauty shots of their sandwich. Yum, right? In an over-shared world, how much is too much? 

The reigning worst? We take you to South Florida where twelve hours after a happy-seeming snapshot of Derek Medina's family was posted on Facebook, Medina posted another picture. 

This time, it was of the dead body of his wife Jennifer Alonso along with a status update admitting he killed her. 

Social media expert Kris Ruby says she was appalled. 

"It got over 170 shares, and numerous likes, that to me is incredibly disturbing. No one else called the police, instead people engaged with the content," Ruby said.

Medina's is obviously an extreme case. But it begs the question, is this how we communicate now?

NPR host and author Scott Simon lit the Twitterverse ablaze when he began sharing his thoughts while visiting his mother who was battling cancer in a Chicago ICU. 

"I had no idea when I began doing this that...this would be the scene of my mother's death. She was just so funny, she was just so interesting, she was just worth hearing and that's what I do in my Twitter stream, I try to pass along things that are worth hearing," Simon said. 

One tweet read, "I think she wants me to pass along a couple of pieces of advice, ASAP. One: reach out to someone who seems lonely today." 

Simon shared it all: grief, advice, and his mother's final moments. Many were moved, some to tears. Some thought the subject of the tweets was inappropriate. To that, he says, "Most of what she said, most of what happened, I didn't share. If they really can't bear to read it then they don't have to."

If you think those selfies, that rant about your boss, that pic where you were so drunk, or even that controversial cartoon you tweeted is just for you and a select few, Ruby says not so much.

"They really think no one else is following this stream of conversation they're having back and forth with someone but it's a public conversation."

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