McGinty's Mailbag: The Redskins Win, Pets In Costumes

10:48 PM, Oct 16, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Through the euphoria of Monday's big Redskins win we still recall the heartbreak of last Friday's Nationals collapse. But Dean from downtown DC says blame Sports Illustrated: 

"You see, that fine publication is well known for putting a curse on its cover subjects. A couple of weeks ago, SI had the Nationals, the Orioles and RG III all over its cover, with feature stories inside on all three of them. When Mr. III went down last Sunday, I knew the Curse was on! No good end could come to the Nats or the O's."

Wrote this on Saturday, didn't you, Dean? Wish you have it back now,huh? Yeah, I figured.

Its alright. The SI curse is well known but apparently it only lasts a week -- terrible for the Nats and O's, but RG III has apparently recovered.

Now last week before we were deluged by all this sports business, I asked for pictures of pets in Halloween costumes after we ran a story saying Americans spend $300 million on them.

Well, some of you couldn't resist.  Bonnie in Springfield, Virginia wrote, "I don't see anything wrong with dressing a pet for Halloween. It's not as if the dog is going to being wearing the outfit all day! As long as the dogs doesn't mind, what's the problem? Attached are some of my favorite pictures of my Chihuahuas, Taco and Belle. Do they look unhappy? They weren't...."

Okay. I'll take your word on that. And there were similar sentiments from Amanda in Dale City: "Here's our dog's costume! We thought this costume was perfect for our beagle/foxhound named Frannie! It says 'Bad Dog' across the back. She actually likes it!"

Look, I'll be honest with you. When I was a kid we had a wonderful shepard-lab mix named Shane and every Christmas we'd dress him in a bathrobe or shirt or something and let him run around. It was hilarious. He loved us. So he tolerated it.

But since then I've always thought if Shane could talk he'd say, "Dudes! I have fur..and this bathrobe just looks crazy." I can't imagine what he'd have said in some kind of Uncle Sam outfit.

Can't imagine what you'll say in McGinty's Mailbag. But let's find out. The address is

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